Why CHANGING your environment CHANGES YOU!

By Jernavis Draughn

I’ve learned that all change is not growth, but all GROWTH is change. We are growth driven human beings that are unconsciously moving backward or forward in life. Changing starts with a decision.

We change daily in so many ways, and in doing so we tend to not measure our growth. We become who we BELIEVE we are. Our circle of friends and peers we hang out with are reflections of who we are becoming. Have you taken time to reflect on what the people around you are depositing into your life mentally, spiritually or emotionally? Are you growing or gaining value from the people you hang out with? Aristotle says, whatever is impressed is expressed…

People are imprisoned by their COMFORT ZONE. It’s hard for us to break away from people or environments that provide mundane pleasure. Just because it looks, feels or sounds good doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT. We usually strive for security instead of opportunity to grow in different areas of our life. The two mental blocks that hold us back to changing is: Learned helplessness and our comfort zone.

Learned helplessness means, when you reach a state of being passive and depressed, you believe there are no actions possible to avoid the adverse stimulus. You tell yourself there’s no other outcomes or actions you can take to improve your situation. Remember, the quality of our thinking determines the quality of our lives. And therefore, we are affected in every way by our current environment.

How would you define your current environment? Positive or negative? Are your daily routines or habits leading you toward your goals? Is the social group you’re surrounding yourself with helping you grow in the direction you want to go? Take time to answer these questions honestly and make the decision today to change your environment for the better. It is a known fact that we become our social orbit. Ask yourself, who are you becoming in 2018???

Quote of the Day: Change yourself but not your environment; growth will be slow and difficult.

Change your environment but not yourself; growth will be slow and less difficult.

Change your environment and yourself; growth will be faster and more successful.John Maxwell


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