By Jernavis Draughn

Results are the name of the game. Our performance in our choice of work produces our profit. Some people can’t understand why Jeff Bezos can earn as much money as he does. He’s created the largest online store and the fastest delivery service in the world. Let’s not forget about Amazon streaming platform, AWS, and Blue Origin. Bezos continues to improve, adapt, provide, and discover new ways to win in business. From the consistent success that Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Drake, Taylor Swift, Oprah Winfrey, The Rock, Elon Musk, and Jay-Z continually achieve, you can see they are always chasing the next win. It’s an addiction to doing and becoming the best version of you. Kobe Bryant is coined for saying; “rest in the end and not in the middle” Some people have the ability to achieve the end result over and over again. There’s no secret to success, only a system to success. Greatness is defined by the consistent wins you accumulate in life.

In the book, “The unforgiving race to greatness, “Winning”, by Tim Grover, “he explains winning requires you to be different, and different scares people.” Separation is power. Grover believes there are four components of winning: Talent, Intelligence, Competitiveness and Resilience. Grover harbors on the ability to focus on your outcome, goals, mind state, and purpose until you achieve it. Stop managing time and start managing your focus. Time is about others, focus is about YOU. Wanting to win isn’t the same as knowing how to win. If you can control your actions, you will be able to control the outcome. Your thoughts create your emotions and your emotions lead to you taking action. Learning emotional intelligence is one of the keys to creating success in any facet of your life. Fear is our friend. It warns us to think, pause, ponder, stop, retreat, give up, and lie. WE all have fear, but don’t doubt you. You should feel the fear and do it anyway. Remember fear is, false, emotions, appearing, and real.

Tim’s book was a great read. He expresses the harsh truths about winning. The dark side that winning takes you through to see the light on the other side. The unforgiving sacrifice and pain you have to endure to WIN. The lonely road you drive on daily, negative thoughts of giving up or questioning your ability to overcome. Here’s some of the Grover’s, thoughts about winning:

-Winning is a test with no correct answers.

-Winning knows your secrets.

-Winning never lies.

-Winning is not a marathon, it’s a sprint with no finish line.

-Winning is EVERYTHING.

Chase your potential. Run your race. You can’t buy a map to the top. We all want to be successful, win in our area of choice, become great at something and leave a legacy to be remembered. It will take resilience, hard work, leadership, self-discipline, vision and much more. Giving up is not an option. If this blog resonates with you, go read the book and start your journey of WINNING today.

Quote of the Day: “People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” —Edmund Hillary

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