By Jernavis Draughn

Patience is a virtue. Something we all have to work on daily, when living in a world that bombards us with new distraction and a false sense of entitlement. We have no real excuses for why we’re not achieving, living or creating the life we want to live. Everything we will ever need or know is at the click of a search engine called, “Google”! How to become a millionaire, How to change your oil, how to shoot like Stephen Curry, how Starbucks got started, how to become the next Warren Buffet and the list can go on. Intricate steps to becoming successful, fixing, creating, learning anything you can think of. The one thing that can never be researched or solved is, how can we create more TIME? You can’t buy more time, but you can spend it DIFFERENTLY. We have all the answers to everything we can imagine, and still haven’t learned that success in anything comes with TIMING!

The meaning behind staying patiently persistent, is taking massive strategic action toward your goals, while having faith that you will attain them in due time. Here’s three reasons why success will force you to become patiently persistent:

1. Nothing happens overnight. You will fail your way to success. Success is never ending. Prepare to run the marathon now.

2. The moment you feel you have achieved a notch on your belt, is the moment most people are knocked off their high horse due to becoming comfortable. Strive to reach your daily potential.

3. Success will force you to commit to lifelong learning. Our world is changing so fast in every industry and the only way you will endure consistent success is by mastering your field of work.

The secret to lasting success is making the decision to be patiently persistent in what you’re trying to accomplish or improve in life. Repetition is the mother of skills. Investing quality time into your endeavor, is the only way you will become truly successful in it. We want to believe people become overnight success stories. Take time to do the research and learn about the heroes or people you look up too life journey. Tony Robins says, “People are rewarded in public, for the years of practice they did in private.” You can’t progress without enduring the process. Commit to the journey and make the decision to play the long game, because life has no shortcuts

Quote of the Day: “It is more important to go slow and gain the lessons you need along the journey then to rush the process and arrive at your destination empty.”-Germany Kent


2 thoughts on “Why SUCCESS demands you to be PATIENTLY PERSISTENT!”

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    1. Thanks for checking out our website and social media platforms. I honestly don’t use facebook ads as much as I should. I just continue to create massive content. I’m a firm believer of planting continuous seeds and you will reap what you sow! Commit to “Your” journey, because success has no TIMELINE! I like your website and your mission. Stay focused and committed! We don’t have a newsletter right now, but will start one in June. We use our blog as a news letter to give free content on leadership, business, sales, personal growth, etc. Write a blog for me regarding your expertise in financial freedom and I will post it on our blog site. You can email it to info@athletesglobal.com

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