5 Reasons Why 24 Hours Is NOT Enough TIME!!

By: Jernavis Draughn

TIME is the kryptonite to every person walking the earth. The one GIFT in life that we can not get back!  We can’t buy MORE time, but we can SPEND it differently. What are you spending most of your time doing when you’re at work or at home? What are you focusing most of your attention on? We attract in our lives the things we want to focus on. Mastering our time is a daily discipline that has to be consistently worked on. The better question is, how do we maximize the 24 hours that we have in our day? I believe our day is decided by a few daily decisions, which creates the results of our daily output. Some experts say, “If you master your time you can master your LIFE!”

I have learned that the most successful people have daily rituals they perform to ensure their time is being used wisely and productively. I’m not saying we need to stop talking to people on the phone, hanging out with friends, and living a fun life. I’m encouraging you to be AWARE of how long and how often you’re spending time doing those activities. We have ONE LIFE and NO reset button on this game of “Time” we are playing. I’m learning the key to personal growth is knowing what NOT to do to become successful in a particular area. I hope the 5 reasons listed below will encourage you to create discipline and awareness in how you are spending your time.

Here are 5 reasons why we don’t master our 24 hour CLOCK:

  1. We don’t plan our day the night before.
  2. We don’t focus on “Priority tasks!”
  3. We don’t develop the ability to say NO!
  4. We love to procrastinate
  5. We socialize too much.

Quote of The Day: “Time is what we want most, but… what we use worst.”-William Penn